Yoga Junction Testimonials


I am most grateful for my students and fellow yoga practitioners!  They are a lively community of people from all walks of life  who have courageously decided to change and grow through yoga.  



Learning and practising Iyengar yoga with Jayne at Yoga Junction has become, after several years, a grounding thread in my life.  In her beautiful studio she creates a safe and positive environment no matter what level we are at and with what limitations we bring. Her knowledge, dedication, years of experience and gentle sense of humour create a yoga practice with a high level of integrity that has become, for me, a fountain of youth. 



I adore Jayne’s Yoga class!  Jayne teaches with the deepest integrity I have ever encountered in any field – she truly understands the essence of that word and puts it into practice.  I feel very safe in Jayne’s class as she understands the body in all of its facets and is consistently expanding her knowledge and understanding – her enthusiasm for it is contagious!  In the seven years I have taken classes from Jayne, my body has changed dramatically.  Jayne has guided me gently and playfully, and without judgment, into finding a space of deeper integrity within myself.


I have had the honour and fortune of being one of Jayne’s students for more than ten years.

Some of the many things that impress me with Jayne is her thorough understanding of the human body and mind and her skill at explaining and demonstrating in detail the many Iyengar yoga postures.  In addition to that, Jayne is very perceptive and adaptable to individual needs, and will offer alternative postures when appropriate so the students obtain the benefits of the postures at their own “bus stop".



Jayne has helped me to change my body and my life.  Her intuitive understanding of the nature of people, their bodies, and of course yoga is amazing - and besides which she comes with much warmth and humour. What more could you ask for? 



My knees and I love you!